New privacy hires at WhatsApp: Nate Cardozo (EFF), Robyn Greene (Open Technology Institute)

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This bodes properly for WhatsApp users.

Legal legit Nate Cardozo of the Digital Frontier Foundation (for the closing 6 years!) and Robyn Greene from the Open Technology Institute are amongst current privacy crew hires at social networking firm WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook. Cardozo announced the mosey on a Facebook post, Greene announced her info in a tweet.

Cardozo announced the mosey in a post to Facebook on Tuesday:

Deepest info! After six and a 1/2 years at the Digital Frontier Foundation (EFF), I’ll be leaving at the tip of subsequent week. I’m extremely sad to be leaving this kind of colossal group and I’ll omit my colleagues with all my heart.

The establish to? Starting 2/19, I’ll be the Privacy Policy Manager for WhatsApp!! I could well NOT be more inflamed.

Must you recognize me at all, you’ll know this isn’t a mosey I’d produce lightly. After the privacy beating Facebook’s taken over the closing 365 days, I was skeptical too. However the privacy crew I’ll be joining knows me properly, and knows exactly how I maintain about tech protection, privacy, and encrypted messaging. And that’s who they wish at managing privacy at WhatsApp. I couldn’t mosey up that substitute.

It’s going to be an limitless distress professionally nonetheless I’m ready for it.

Taylor Hatmaker at TechCrunch:

In an effort to bolster its public credibility within the wake of a extraordinarily tough 365 days, Facebook is bringing a fierce dilapidated critic into the fold.

Subsequent month, longtime Digital Frontier Foundation (EFF) counsel Nate Cardozo shall be half of WhatsApp, Facebook’s encrypted chat app. Cardozo most lately held the place of Senior Records Security Counsel with the EFF the establish he worked carefully with the group on cybersecurity protection. As his bio there reads, Cardozo is “an skilled in technology law and civil liberties” and already works with non-public companies on privacy insurance policies that defend user rights.

Robyn Greene will focal level on law enforcement access and data safety in her current feature with Facebook.

Personally i will sleep 10% higher at night intelligent the fellow who said “[Facebook’s] commerce mannequin depends on our collective confusion and apathy about privacy” is working on the inner. Even supposing for certain that is the total level.

— Taylor Hatmaker (@tayhatmaker) January 29, 2019

Some personal info: After four.5 fabulous years at @OTI working on privacy and safety points, I’m transferring on.

I’m thrilled to share that subsequent week I shall be half of @fb‘s fine crew as a privacy protection manager on law enforcement access and data safety points! 1/Three

— Robyn Greene (@Robyn_Greene) January 29, 2019

.@OTI will want a current protection counsel to tackle my portfolio. The OTI household is fabulous, the work is major, and the legit yelp alternatives are abundant. Must you suspect that that you just must well enjoy an interest, be at liberty to attain out with questions or for recommendation about this job. Three/Three

— Robyn Greene (@Robyn_Greene) January 29, 2019

Congrats, Nate. With expansive choices coming up as a consequence of the Gargantuan WA/IG/Messenger Merger of 2019, I’m overjoyed to stamp a privacy advocate safe staunch into a suite of influence.

I’m also taking a think forward to turning the “lobbying for privacy substances I desire” tables on an EFF attorney.

— Alex Stamos (@alexstamos) January 29, 2019

BTW, Nate has continuously demonstrated heavenly personality, fascinated about precept instead of partisanship, willing to fancy of us who disagree with him. I think he’ll be an heavenly match at Facebook.

— Robᵉʳᵗ Graham (@ErrataRob) January 29, 2019

It’s heartening to stamp @Facebook hiring tricky, orderly critics who enjoy explicit expertise on complex tech points. The request is within the event that they are going to enjoy the factitious to provide protection, & whether or no longer @SherylSandberg, @finkd & the board will hear what they’re announcing & the truth is put in power it.

— Alex Howard (@digiphile) January 29, 2019